Tree Donations

We provide food-bearing trees!

Programs we give away trees photo 1Trees That Feed Foundation’s main goal is providing food-bearing trees.  We hope to provide 1,000,000 trees in 10 years.  We are well on the way, with over 200,000 fruit trees provided to date in over 18 countries. We use funding from donors to secure seedlings which we donate to farmers and others. We tend to prioritize purchasing trees locally, as we  strongly encourage employment in the countries we help to support.  Occasionally we ship trees internationally although that is more expensive.

Our most commonly distributed tree is the breadfruit, but we have provided many other kinds of food-bearing trees, including  mango, avocado, cashew, fig, guava, pomegranate and more. The choice depends on local growing conditions.

Would you like to request trees to plant?  Click here to request online!

When the trees are well established (at least one or two feet tall), TTFF distributes them to individuals, farmers and community groups.  TTFF prioritizes quality over quantity with tree distributions. We donate trees – not sell them.  We perform a screen to ensure that the recipient will know how to care for the trees, and that the trees are suitable and beneficial for the location.

We can report that our tree donations have been gratefully and enthusiastically received.  The first trees donated in 2009 are now over 15 feet tall!  They are producing fruit abundantly.

$15.00 covers the costs of providing a food-bearing tree that will feed a family for decades.  Donate here if you can.