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Trees That Feed Foundation is a testament to the power of people coming together to make a difference. Over the years, TTFF has engaged thousands of people to help reduce hunger, create jobs and improve the environment. We work with a diverse set of partners – from basic schools to businesses – to implement a sustainable solution to hunger and food dependence.

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Supporting Partners

American Friends of Jamaica

The American Friends of Jamaica is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting Jamaican charitable organizations and social initiatives working to improve the lives of Jamaicans through systemic development in the areas of education, health care and economic development.

Buddhist Global Relief

Buddhist Global Relief (BGR) works to combat chronic hunger and malnutrition. BGR pursues its mission by providing food aid, helping develop long-term methods of sustainable food production and management, promoting the education of girls and women to battle malnutrition and giving women opportunities to start livelihood projects.

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Clif Bar Family Foundation supports innovative small and mid-sized groups working to strengthen our food system and our communities, enhance public health, and safeguard our environment and natural resources.


Conservation, Food & Health Foundation

cfhfThe Conservation, Food & Health Foundation seeks to promote the conservation of natural resources, improve the production and distribution of food, and improve health in the developing world.

Dr. Scholl Foundation

dr-schollThe Dr. Scholl Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to organizations committed to improving our world. Solutions to the problems of today’s world still lie in the values of innovation, practicality, hard work and compassion.

National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii

The National Tropical Botanical Garden is dedicated to preserving tropical plant diversity and stemming extinction through plant exploration, propagation, habitat restoration, research and education. The National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Breadfruit Institute Director, Dr. Diane Ragone, has identified breadfruit cultivars with a range of characteristics, including lengthy growing seasons, appropriate for distribution.

Northwestern University

In partnership with Northwestern University, TTFF has developed a kit to get farmers and co-operatives started with processing reaped fruit. Under the guidance of Dr. David Kelso, students at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering are working to develop technology required to process breadfruit within rural communities. Thus far, we have developed a peeler, shredder, grinder, scale, drying racks and packaging materials for breadfruit flour.


Patagonia has supported grassroots activists for almost 40 years and provides grants to nonprofits that embody their mission to sustain and preserve the environment. Patagonia gives 1% of their sales to support environmental organizations and protect what is irreplaceable.

Sandals Foundation

sandalsThe Sandals Foundation seeks to help fulfill the promise of the Caribbean community through investment in sustainable projects in education; environment and community which improve people’s lives and preserve our natural surroundings.

To these partners, and many more, we owe a debt of gratitude.

Working Partners

4-H Jamaica

4h4-H Jamaica seeks to mobilize, educate and train youth in leadership skills and vocations through the effective deployment of staff and volunteers utilizing adaptive technologies, to influence trainees to develop sustainable livelihoods and become positive contributors to national development.

College of Agriculture (CASE)

caseThe College of Agriculture, Science and Education, a multidisciplinary institution, is committed to providing education and training of the highest quality in agriculture, science and teacher education to men and women in Jamaica, and also in other Caribbean countries, through teaching, research and outreach.

Do Good Jamaica

Do Good Jamaica is a non-governmental organization, founded by Deika and Kassim Morrison.  Its objective is to encourage organizations and individuals to work together in activities that are charitable and improve the lives of Jamaicans.

Our major project, Crayons Count, is a campaign to support early childhood education in Jamaica.

Floresta Haiti

fhFloresta Haiti, part of Plant with Purpose, reverses deforestation and poverty around the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor.


Global Breadfruit

gblogoThe multidisciplinary Global Breadfruit team assists farmers, aid workers and other interested parties in the development of integrated agricultural systems based on the cultivation of breadfruit.

Hunger Relief International

hriHunger Relief International (HRI) is a Christian relief and development organization working in partnership with local communities to alleviate the impact of hunger on the lives of malnourished children and their families as a first step in a long-term strategy to achieve family and community self-sufficiency.

Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture

 The Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture partners with TTFF to distribute and supervise planting of TTFF trees throughout Jamaica.  Paul Virtue, late TTFF Executive Director, worked closely with the Ministry to execute this initiative.

Jeffrey Town Farmers Association, Jamaica

Jeffrey Town Farmers Association (JTFA) seeks to improve the livelihoods of its members and wider community alike through a dedicated effort toward sustainable economic and environmental advancement. JTFA is a strong, vibrant association that specifically works toward making farming a profitable occupation to create economically secure communities. Listen to JTFA’s radio station: Jet 88.7 FM


Rural Agricultural Development Authority

 The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) is a statutory body under the Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture & Lands. RADA is committed to promoting the development of agriculture in Jamaica as the main engine of economic growth in rural communities. TTFF and RADA partner together to distribute TTFF trees to rural farmers and families.


rotaryRotary provides service to others, promotes integrity, and advances world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Smallholder Farmers Alliance

Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) works with small-scale farmers in Haiti to help restore tree cover and increase food production. They create agroforestry cooperatives designed to be self-financing and farmer-managed following a limited period of training and external funding. SFA’s innovative, market-based development model results in the planting of significant numbers of trees as well as higher food crop yields and improved livelihoods.

Three Angels Children’s Relief

Three Angels Children’s Relief (TACR) works to help Haiti’s most impoverished children through providing highest-quality education and care. President Eric Helgemo has built a nursery in Port au Prince, Haiti, to grow breadfruit and other food-bearing trees for local distribution.

University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse

ungThe University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse (UNOGA) has a three part mission:
Teaching – Educating students and providing continuing education
Research – Scientific and technological research
Service – Dissemination of cultural, scientific and technological information; participation in regional development

University of Minnesota

TTFF works with the University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs to continuously assess our programs. Graduate students from the Humphrey School visit throughout rural Jamaica, working with local farmers and organizations. Students issue reports on the development and sustainability of the breadfruit market, along with key factors identified with successful planting and growing of TTFF trees.

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We can only do what we do with the help of our partners, our volunteers and our generous donors.  We are grateful and honored by all of your support.