Trees That Feed Foundation on racism

Trees That Feed Foundation works in 18 countries in the Caribbean, Central America, Africa and Asia. We donate fruit trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment. Most of the people that we work with are people of color. We collaborate with them with the shared goal of improved nutrition, economic independence and dignity. We understand their challenges and we offer solutions and opportunity.

We stand against racism and hate in all its forms. We stand for respect and equality of all. The Board of Trees That Feed Foundation is committed to fairness and respect toward all individuals and their communities regardless of race, gender, age, culture, nationality, education, religion, and political persuasion.  That is our position.

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11 Responses to Trees That Feed Foundation on racism

  1. Tomlin coleman says:

    We are a 36 acre permaculture or trying to be farm,located in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. We have a number of fruit trees but would like some more to complete our vision as a Agro-Tourist location

  2. orrett McNeil says:

    I have some cane land in the Appleton estate area but because the decline in sugar and soon closing of the plant I’m seeking alternative to utilize the land.
    I would like a wide variety of fruit trees for about 10 acres of land.

    • Michael McLaughlin says:

      Good luck with your project! Contact us by email or through the Contact Us link, and/or request trees using our online form.

  3. Paulette Robinson says:

    I am in the Parish of Trelawny just acquire about 7 acres of land want to expand in a verify of fruits so I am therefore asking for some fruit trees Thank you.

  4. Rhyan Roberts says:

    I am from the Bahamas and just cleared down part of my land to start a community garden. Recently came across your Instagram and decide to ask for some plants. 🙂

  5. Samuel Audlain says:

    It’s a good initiative, I really appreciate your work, i’m leaving in south Haiti and I’m learning agronomist,what I had to do if I want to visit GAPL,invest in breadfruit transformation.!!

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